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Project Description

Objective of this project it have Generic Data Rollup workflow activity that can be used on any entity as long as data type matches between source and target Attribute.

The logic of this workflow is very simple.

We take following parameters as Input in the Workflow activity and rollup the data from child records to Parent record.

1. Dynamics Record URL ( Parent Record)

2. Logical Name of the Parent Entity

3.Lookup Attribute name of the Parent entity in child entity

4. Include only child records with set of statuses

5.Include only child records with set of Status reasons.

6. Parent and child Attribute names to rollup data ex : {ParentAttribute1 : ChildAttribute1},{ParentAttribute2:ChildAttribute2}

Each pair represents the rollup filed in the parent record and child record. You can add as many rollup fields you want as long as Parent field name is unique. I mean parent attribute name should not duplicate.

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